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Because the Children's Week isn’t long enough, Loyah and her friends created… the Children's Month! 1 month of lollipops, sugar, chocolate and other crazy surprises, you can easily imagine how you are going to live between the 1st of August and the 5th of September 2013!

In a few days, Loyah, her grand mother Rodella and that cute baby Buur won’t have any secrets from you… This story begins in Flaris, in front of the house of the twins, Loyah and Losha.

• Loyah is Losha's sister. • She went to Flaris when she was 8 to become the most famous cook in the town. • She likes fabulous dishes, her sister (mainly because she looks like her), home made lollipops, feeling the wind in her hair during a storm, pets and other cute things. • She doesn't like people who don't keep their promises, sugar free drinks and sweets and Boboko scares her. • Be careful: She knows how to drive anybody nuts!

• Rodella is Loyah and Losh's grand mother. • She is sweet and calm. • She left Flarine to became a guild manager in Elliun. • She lives in Elliun, just under the big tree. • She need calm and peace and finds her granddaughter too disruptive. • She loves tree, guild house, glasses and rabbits. • She hates violence and aibatts. • Be careful: She will always try to sell you a house!

Once you'll have met Loyah, you will have to provide her what she wants to get a special egg. She will award you with an egg... and this could be the beginning of a long series of exchanges between you, Loyah and Rodella! This quest is repeatable, so enjoy it and keep all your IQ!

If you succeed, you'll have the chance to win some great rewards !

Ice Flakes (Strawberry), Vietnam Balloon, Potion of Recklessness, Pink Cake Ice Flakes (Lemon), Philippines Balloon, Potion of Swiftness, Ball of Crown (20) Green Cake, Chile Balloon, Elixir of the Rabbit, Green Cotton Candy (Event) Chocolate Cookie, Japan Balloon, Elixir of Stone, Ball of Crown (60)





and if you're very lucky:

These cute babies! From left to right: Baby Gray Earl, Baby Buur & Baby Ripper.

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