Chapter 4 - Their Shadow

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Historian's Quests
Historian's Quests Prologue
Act I
Chapter 1 - Field of Bubble
Chapter 2 - Hill of Shade
Chapter 3 - Purple Magician
Chapter 4 - Their Shadow

Starting NPC

(Chairman of History Society) Gothante Location
(Chairman of History Society) Gothante Image:NPCGothante2.jpg

Their Shadow

Quest Starting Location: Historical Society
Quest : Their Shadow
NPC : (Chairman of History Society) Gothante
Quest Requirement : Completion of previous stage.
Objective : Deliver Scroll of Gothante to (Historian) Martinyc

Scroll of Gothante
(Historian) Martinyc
Click for larger image

Reward: none quest completion

Quest Text:

"Oh, nice to see you again. I have found something based on the data you gave me. You know more than most about the Clowns at this point. People have been talking about them for some time now. They are known as three devils that created our continents (*on*) by accident and are bent on destroying them. During the Hero War, they were said to stand against the Hero's of our land. (*Laola*) Lapranche was there, at the end of the Hero War, he was made the slave of one of the three Clown Goddesses. Shade, Goddess of Evil. Shade, marrying her Godly presence to the great power of (*Laola*) Lapranche, attempted to destroy Bubble, the Goddess of good. Meanwhile Iblis, the (*Gooddess*) Goddess of Neutrality, watched unmoved. Bubble rallied the Hero's of Madrigal and stood against Shade. "Poor (*Laola*) Lapranche, the things he must have gone through And all this history has been distorted by the History Society. Curse Them! *sigh* Would you help me return this to Martinyc. She deserves to know what she helped uncover.
(*ingame text error *)

Accepting Quest Text:

"Here is all the data I have. Please deliver this to Martinyc.
(check quest details "press Q")"

Denying Quest Text:

"I see, you have something important to do. Would you come back to me after finishing that?"

During Quest Text:

"Have you brought something from the History Society? No? Then are you coming back to meet me? I am shy~ Here is all the data I have. Please deliver this to Martinyc."

Completed Quest Text:

"Long time no see! Are you coming back to let me know that I was right?" (I nodded) "Yeah!! I knew that!! (Ho ho ho) By the way, what is that?" (Delivers the scroll)"Oh, now I wish I had been wrong. Thank you for bringing this to me. We will see each other again. Goodbye!"

Next Stage in Quest

  • Quest Complete for now

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Continent Content Color Reference:
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Shaduwar Valley of the Risen Kaillun Traseia Dark Traseia Bahara Desert Emporium

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