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Buff Pets Section

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Sometimes purchasable at the Cash Shop in the Pick-Up Pets Section and Buff Pets Section or from other players in-game. They can be summoned or unsummoned at any time (not during flying). While summoned, it will follow you and automatically pick up any items that have dropped onto the ground nearby. They have a tendency to pick up consumables and penya first.The new Buff Pet can also provide buffs for the character. Please Note: Pick-Up Pets can be converted into a Buff Pet by using a Pick-up Pet Upgrade.

A full overview of all the pets in FlyFF can be found on Cash Shop Pets.

image:Baby Bang.png Baby Bang image:SmallMaidCardpuppet.png Small Maid Cardpuppet image:Big Red.png Big Red (Buff Pet)
image:Baby Black Dragon.png Baby Black Dragon image:Inspector Koco.png Inspector Koko image:Soul Dancer.png Soul Dancer
image:X900 EvilTron.png X900 EvilTron image:Mocomochi.png Mocomochi image:Little Lykan.png Little Lykan
image:Cheshire Cat.png Cheshire Cat image:coke bear.png Baby Polar Bear image:heatae.png Baby Fu Lion

image:Tiny Tanuki.png Tiny Tanuki image:Charming Babushka Doll.png Charming Babushka Doll image:Cute Baby Cat.png Cute Baby Cat
image:Mr. Grinchie.png Mr. Grinchie image:Jack Frost.png Jack Frost image:Big Red.png Big Red
image:Kuma.png Kuma image:Lil' gPotato.png Lil' gPotato image:Little Muran.png Little Muran
image:Mister Grizz.png Mister Grizz image:Observing Producer Kim Cage.png Observing Producer Kim Cage image:Usagi.png Usagi
image:Friendly Baby Kargo.png Friendly Baby Kargo

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