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Introduced in the version 15 update the Buff Pets System is a long awaited addition to the game. Now your favorite Pick-up Pet can buff you while you fight. The user can chose from the new pick up buff pets or simply buy the scrolls and awaken your own pick up pet. These awakenings can be applied to any pick-up pet.

First summon your pick-up pet.

Then activate the image:Pick-up Pet Upgrade.pngPick-up Pet Upgrade scroll.

You pet now has 2 open slots in which you may insert Buff Beads
Your Buff Pet may hold up to 9 beads for you at a time. To unlock the other slots use the image:Bead Slot Key.pngBead Slot Key.
Double click, and select yes. Your pet now has one more slot.

When your pet is holding one or more Buff Beads it will glow. This affect is not removable through settings glow will stay as long as a Buff Bead is active.

Image:Cheshire Cat.gif

With the introduction of V21 a drop filter screen will appear when you summon your pet. This will allow you to select which items your pickup/buff pet will pickup for you.

Image:Pickup Pet Filter Interface.png

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