Bubble's Dream Drop Box Event!!!

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Greetings Flyffers!

The next 7 days are filled with Box Drop Farming goodness, so pay attention :3

You see, a crazy benevolent clown god had this dream, of several boxes dropping. His dream was so specific, it told him that the following boxes, (exactly as stated in his dream) would be dropping off of regular masquerpets level 15 and up:

Each of these boxes, so specifically as prophesized, would be dropping for brave adventurers courageous enough to go out there and slay masses of masquerpets to make Madrigal a better place!

As such, Bubble awoke from his dream, and decided to convey it to the brave heroes that populated Madrigal, and wished upon them ample luck to hopefully fulfill his dream.

He wished nothing but the best for those brave adventurers, so here it is, his dream box drop event, for the masses of Flyffers to enjoy!

Once again, this event lasts for the next 7 days and ends on March 6th :3

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