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image:Seraph_Breath of Life2.gif
Seraph's Breath of Life Skill Animation

image:Seraph_Breath of Life.png
Description: Recover target party members HP over a predetermined amount of time. The skill level of the Breath of Life determines the length of the Healing. If relying only on INT for MP bar, 153 INT points are required to attain the 3000 MP needed to use this skill. Your MP bar may be increased by using other means also. Including, but not reserved to, the Old Fox, Consumable Stat Modifiers or certain Jewelry.
Class: Seraph
Item needed: Sticks
Player lvl: 130
Max Skill lvl: 5
Pre-Skill 1: None lvl:
Pre-Skill 2: lvl:
Attack Type: All Party Buff
Region of Effect: AOE Around User
Attack Range: Ranged
Skill Element: N/A
Combo Style: image:Normalskill.gif
May be placed in Action Slot: Needs Testing
Casting Time: None
Damage Over Time (DOT):None
Stat 1 affecting Skill: Int info not available at this time
Stat 2 affecting Skill:

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This skill has a maximum level of 5 and requires 4 Skill Points per level of skill.

Attack value present in skill table is simply a variable used in the calculation of damage.
In "General" the timer is for status change effect

Skill lvl Effect 1 % Prob MP Used Min : Sec CoolDown
1 Heal +700 per Sec 100% 1000 MP 0:06 1:00
2 Heal +1400 per Sec 100% 1500 MP 0:08 1:00
3 Heal +2100 per Sec 100% 2000 MP 0:10 1:00
4 Heal +2800 per Sec 100% 2500 MP 0:12 1:00
5 Heal +3500 per Sec 100% 3000 MP 0:14 1:00

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