Bodyguard Set (F) - RETRO SALE + BONUS

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image:Bodyguard Set(F) RETRO SALE + BONUS.png
Cost: 1,800 gPotatoes
Count: 1, 6
Info: The Bodyguard Set for Female Characters. Have you ever wanted to be one of the "Men in Black"? Nows your chance!!

This set comes with 6 FREE Blessing of the Goddess so that you can give your new Bodyguard Set some good Blessings :)


Bodyguard Set
Image:Bodyguard (F)_Suit.png Info:Bodyguard suit for you

Cost:N/A gpotato

Image:Bodyguard (F)_Foot.png Info:Bodyguard boots for you

Cost:N/A gpotato

Image:Bodyguard (F)_Hand.png Info:

Cost:N/A gpotato

Image:Bodyguard (F)_Cap.png Info:

Cost:N/A gpotato

image:cs_set_package.png Info:Bodyguard set for you

Cost:N/A gpotato

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