Blessing of the Wise Man

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image:Ringmaster_Blessing of the Wise Man2.gif
Ringmaster's Blessing of the Wise Man Skill Animation

image:Ringmaster_Blessing of the Wise Man.png
Description: Removes a random Curse, Poison or Bleeding debuff from a party member.
Class: Ringmaster
Item needed: No Preference
Player lvl: 60-M
Max Skill lvl: 5
Pre-Skill 1: None lvl:
Pre-Skill 2: lvl:
Attack Type: All Party Buff
Region of Effect: AOE Around User
Attack Range: None
Skill Element: N/A
Combo Style: image:Normalskill.gif
May be placed in Action Slot: Yes
Casting Time: None
Damage Over Time (DOT):None
Stat 1 affecting Skill: None
Stat 2 affecting Skill:

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This skill requires no stat points. It will raise in level as you do.
Removes a de-buff from a party member randomly.
Skill lvl Player lvl Effect 1 % Prob FP Used Min : Sec CoolDown
1 60-M Cure Curse, Poison, Bleeding 10% 500 MP 0:03 0:10
2 72-M Cure Curse, Poison, Bleeding 17% 500 MP 0:03 0:08
3 84-M Cure Curse, Poison, Bleeding 26% 500 MP 0:03 0:06
4 96-M Cure Curse, Poison, Bleeding 37% 500 MP 0:03 0:02
5 108-M Cure Curse, Poison, Bleeding 49% 500 MP 0:03 0:00:5
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