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Back to School Leveling Event Details:

This event will run from September 2nd to September 15th!

Only newly created characters on any account will be eligible for the rewards in the Back to School Leveling Event.

IMPORTANT NOTE: While leveling during this event, these items will not be gifted automatically! They will be gifted to the characters that achieved this level during the event while we undergo maintenance on September 15th!

ANOTHER IMPORTANT NOTE: All items are non-event.

Event Rewards
Level Icon Item Quantity
20 image:Yellow School Bag.png Yellow School Bag 1
40 image:FLY.png FLY 3
image:FOR.png FOR 3
image:FUN.png FUN 3
60 image:gPotato Balloon.png gPotato Balloon 1
80 image:Blue School Bag.png Blue School Bag 1
image:Armored Tigar (Blue).png Armored Tigar (Blue) 1
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