Amp Bundle Max +2x Acquisition +2x Cute Frog Box

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Image:Scroll of Amplification ES (S).gif
Cost: 5,000 gPotatoes
Count: 20, 2, 2
Info: When you purchase this package you will receive:

The Cute Frog has never been sold before! The Cute Frog Box is the only way to get it; however, there is no guarantee that you will receive a Cute Frog upon opening the box. Gifts from this box are random (although chances vary depending on the gift).

There are two ways to use the Scroll of Amplification:
Use 1: Activate one scroll for 1.5x EXP rate for 1 hour.
Use 2: Activate 2 or 3 scrolls at the same time. Activating 2 scrolls gives you 2x EXP rate for 1 hour. Activating 3 scrolls gives you 2.5x EXP rate for 1 hour.

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