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Surely you didn't think that the pages form on their own?


The FlyFF Wiki's Editors

The Editors are the ones that give this site its shape and form by adding new information just about every day.

Active Editors

Piccolo Status: Active Lead Editor
NyKo Status: Active Editor
WikiGuest Status: Active Editor
Serabell Status: Active Editor

Community Managers

Below is a list of Flyff officials:

Community Managers

  • Piccolo (DE/US/EU Flyff)*
  • Nazgul (US/EU Flyff)*
  • Klaig (FR/US/EU Flyff)*



  • NyKo (Senior)*
  • Serabell (Junior)
  • Entrosum (Junior)


  • Amenofus (Senior)*
  • Tiasess (Normal)*
  • Kumo (Normal)


  • Soupanelle (Senior)*
  • Megakeputsh (Senior)*
  • Haracorne (Senior)*
  • Racom (Normal)*

Please note: Official in-game characters have a [CM], (CM) or [MOD] tag in front of their name and are part of the WEBZEN, Moderators (DE/US/EN) or gModérateurs (FR) guilds.

* CM/MOD has an in-game character

Guide to Forum Colors

  • Please remember that Senior Moderators, Moderators and Junior Moderators are volunteers.

Forum Colors
Color Title
DARKER RED Community Manager
DARKER GREEN Senior Moderator
GREEN Moderator
LIGHTER GREEN Junior Moderator

How you can help

If you have content: Send a PM to one of the moderating team and include everything you can provide for the page content. You may also submit short revision paragraphs or just pictures if you think they are needed. In the case of pictures please upload them to a file hosting site and send the link in the PM - not the image.

Seen an incorrect page: If you have seen a page that contains incorrect or inaccurate information please PM the Page URL to an Editor/Wiki Moderator via the forums. It is advisory to copy and paste the parts that need revision, along with your suggested corrections.

Request a page: If you think there is something that should be included within the Wiki but you are not too sure of the details or cannot provide any information, then send a PM to an Editor/Wiki Moderator with the title of the subject and a description of what you would like to see.

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