7 Day Mystery Drop Event + Attack and Def Boost!

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image:7 Day Mystery Drop Event and Attack and Def Boost.jpg

Greetings Flyffers!

As a nice little spin on the Mystery Party Events that we ran a bit ago, we've put together the super kewl Mystery Drop Event to have you farming for delicious boxes throughout the next week! Pretty much, throughout the next 7 days, a different Box Drop event will be taking place. All normal masquerpets level 15 and above will be dropping the special box of the day and you can bet that these boxes were just made for farming glory.

What drop boxes can you expect? Stuff like Mysterious Bags, Little Mia Box Drops, Rhisis' Blessed Treasure Box, Dragon Chance Boxes, Roanin Magic Level Boxes, Elegant Black Wings Boxes, Premium Boxes and yeah...that's seven boxes

We won't tell you what days correspond to what, so you'll just need to log in and find out

Additionally, this small Attack and Defense bonus that some of you may be noticing upon log in is none other than the first of many events to commemorate Flyff's 5 year anniversary. (All players will be receiving a +200 bonus to their attack and defense ratings for the next week.)

We've got a lot more planned and we're building up to the big stuff, so sit tight, don't fret if you think the Attack and Defense bonus is small, there's fun stuffs on the horizon.

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