28 Vagrants Later: The Return of the Zombie Event!

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Greetings Flyffers and welcome back to the Zombie event! Welcome to the newbies who weren't here last year ^^.

You will notice that there are indeed walking cadavers stumbling about, there's a rotting stench permeating through Madrigal and holy crap, those things really did just try to bite you Do your best not to get infected lest you become one of the walking undead!

3 special Zombie gurus, however, are here to help! They go by the names of Romero, Dr. Frankenstein, and Brooks and you can find them all in Central Flarine

Here's how things are gonna work during this Madrigal Zombie Apocalypse so pay attention!

Romero has 2 quests to offer you in order to help you deal with all those stinking undead!


Romero will help you forge a weapon that can help you deal with these raving crazies - a Chainsaw! In order to get one, speak to Romero and he'll task you with collecting 10 Gas Cans. You can find these off of any defeated Masquerpet levels 15 and up. Complete this quests and you'll unlock a new one with Romero and another quest with Dr. Frankenstein just a few steps away! Note that this quest IS repeatable!



Prove that you can make and equip yourself with a Chainsaw and you'll unlock a new quest from Romero that will have you trekking across Madrigal in an attempt to slay 50 Male Zombies and 50 Female Zombies! Do so and Romero will reward you with some special Zombie Tokens! Plus, you'll get some phat loot off of any undead you'll be slaying throughout the next week

What do you do with these Zombie Tokens? Simply take them to Brooks just a few steps away to find out! He'll reward you handsomely for some hard earned tokens! The Zombie Hunter Quest is repeatable, so you'll definitely want to repeat that quest as often as you can (just don't tire your precious fingers out ).

Zombie Hunter

Finally, upon completing the ZOMBIES! quest from Romero, you'll open up a new quest from Dr. Frankenstein! This weird dude will want you to collect 6 Zombie Parts for a freakish experiment! It sounds gory, it sounds grim, but if you manage to collect all 6 specific body parts of a Zombie, you'll be rewarded with a special Pick-up Pet friend! If you're smart, you should be able to guess what kind of pet

Excited? Now you're wondering where you get the Zombie Parts? Well, the male and female zombies all drop a special box called the Zombie Box! These little containers will have a chance to have a body part, but be aware that it's never a guaranteed thing. The best you can do is KILL EVERY UNDEAD IN SIGHT! Trust us, the only good zombie is a dead one...well deader than it currently is with trying to bite and infect you and all ^^;

Note that Dr Frankenstein's quest is NOT repeatable.

A Last Ditch Effort

Wiki Note: NPC used in this event previously was renamed for this event, although the text NPC text was not changed to reflect this.

This Zombie Apocalypse has been reported by the Madrigal Center of Disease Control to only be an issue for a week, so take advantage of it while you can! If you want to slay some zombies, collect some cool stuffs, and get some phat rewards, do your best and become a rabid zombie exterminator!

Enjoy the event all, show us how tough you can all be by surviving this horrible plague!

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