2020 New Year Box

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2020 New Year Box
2020 New Year Box

image:2019 New Year Box.gif
Name: 2020 New Year Box
Item Type: Gift Box

Info: A shiny new box for the new year!

Duration: 1 time use
Sell Price: 1 penya
Stack Size: 999

Where Can I Get One:
Quest Related to: Lunar New Year 2020!

This is a Gift Box quest item and is obtained Vega.

This Gift Box may contain one of the following:

Name Description Amount Bound?
Power Buff Box This box contains random one of a selection of powerful buff items for you! 1 Yes
Usagi Usagi believes in good fortune and follows her master around picking up dropped items. She also has the ability to buff her owner! 1 No
2020 Shinigami Box (F) Ticket Exchange this ticket via (Shinigami Priestess) Izanami to claim a box containing a stat-boosting Shinigami set piece for female characters. 1 No
2020 Shinigami Box (M) Ticket Exchange this ticket via (Shinigami Priestess) Izanami to claim a box containing a stat-boosting Shinigami set piece for male characters. 1 No
Female Hanbok set (30 Days) Hanbok set for Female characters. Lasts 30 days. 1 No
Male Hanbok set (M) Hanbok set for Male characters. Lasts 30 days. 1 No
1 Day Extra Bag Expands item carrying limit for characters. (Lasts 24 hours from activation, even if logged off) 1 No
Friendship (A) Summon a player to you (30 sec: Casting Time). This item only works on characters on the same continent or in the same instance. 1 No
Remantis Laccotte A favorite of fine food connoisseurs throughout Madrigal, this delectable dish completely restores your Health Points (HP). Delicious 1 No
Holiday Gift Box A special gift for the holidays. 1 No
Scroll of Holy Recovers Condition 1 No
Scroll of Resurrection Allows the character to revive where it died, and prevents the loss of EXP through death. (Prevents the loss of 10% EXP for users with disposition) 1 No
FUN Increases your Attack Power by 200 for 1 hour. 1 No
FOR Increases your Defense Power by 150 for one hour. 1 No
FLY Increases your movement speed by 15% for 1 hour. 1 No
Cooked Octopus Increases speed by 20% for 3 minutes 1 No
Sweet Ddukguk Recovers 9999 MP 1 No
Fresh Ddukguk Recovers 9999 FP 1 No
Hot Ddukguk Recovers 9999 HP 1 No
Lost lucky bag A lucky bag which Bubble priest have lost 1 No
Scroll of Awakening Augmentation (Bind) This scroll allows you to choose and replace a single awakening on a weapon, armor piece, or pet and replace it with another random awakening. Note that this does not work on items with a single awakening. 1 Yes

Notice: All items carrying EVENT tag must be kept in Inventory or BackPack. EVENT items are not; Trade-able, Bankable, or Warehouse-able.

Continent Content Color Reference:
World Flaris Coral Island Saint Morning Garden of Rhisis Darkon Azria
Shaduwar Valley of the Risen Kaillun Traseia Dark Traseia Bahara Desert Emporium

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