2018 Christmas Gift Box

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2018 Christmas Gift Box
2018 Christmas Gift Box

Name: 2018 Christmas Gift Box
Item Type: Gift Box

Info: Shade’s Gift Reward.

Duration: 1 time use
Sell Price: 1 penya
Stack Size: 999

Where Can I Get One:
Quest Related to: Shade's Gift

This is a Gift Box quest item and is obtained Santa.

This Gift Box contains the following:

Name Description Amount Bound?
Snowboarder (F) Set Female Snowboarder Set 1 No
Snowboarder (M) Set Male Snowboarder Set 1 No
Snowboard A Snowboard with a top speed of 254 km/h 1 No
Farmer's Box (RU) Contains 5 Elixir of Evasion 1 No
Rudolph (F) (7 days) Female Rudolph Set 1 No
Rudolph (M) (7 days) Male Rudolph Set 1 No
Baby Lawolf (30 days) A baby Lawolf which collects items for you 1 No
Potent Flask Box (1 day) A box containing, among other things, flasks! 1 Yes
Scroll of Blessing Will prevent experience (EXP) loss upon death when used. 1 No
Firework Box ​This box contains a beautiful firework 1 No
Christmas Cake This isn't your typical Holiday Fruit Cake! Increases Attack Power by 10%. Lasts 20 minutes. 1 No
Christmas Tea ​Amp your self up with Christmas Spirit! Provide unlimited Action Slot skills for a limited time. Lasts 10 minutes. 1 No
Christmas Cookies ​​Then we'll eat a whole roll of Cookiedough as fast as we can, and then we'll snuggle! 2 No

Notice: All items carrying EVENT tag must be kept in Inventory or BackPack. EVENT items are not; Trade-able, Bankable, or Warehouse-able.

Continent Content Color Reference:
World Flaris Coral Island Saint Morning Garden of Rhisis Darkon Azria
Shaduwar Valley of the Risen Kaillun Traseia Dark Traseia Bahara Desert Emporium

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