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image:2010 World Cup Event.jpg

Greetings FlyFFers,

In order to commemorate all of the great sporting events recently (NHL Finals, NBA Finals, MLB getting interesting...and uh the WORLD CUP) we've put together a nifty little event for all of you to enjoy - the 2010 World Cup Event!

For the next 2 weeks, that is from 06/09/2010 - 06/22/2010, 3 different items will be dropping from all regular Masquerpets level 15 and up. These items are - 2010, World, and Cup! Yes you're reading that right - image:2010.png 2010, image:World Cheer.png World, and image:Cup.png Cup.

Bring these items to the World Cup Exchange Manager in Flaris for the following prizes as detailed below:

  • Trade 5 image:2010.png 2010 items to her and receive a image:Pink Soccer Ball.png Pink Soccer Ball (which gives +300 Attack Power for 30 mins.)
  • Trade 5 image:World Cheer.png World items to her and receive a image:Black Soccer Ball.png Black Soccer Ball (which gives +200 Defense for 30 mins.)
  • Trade 5 image:Cup.png Cup items to her and receive a image:Blue Soccer Ball.png Blue Soccer Ball (which gives +300 HP for 30 mins.)
  • Trade 3 of each of the Soccerballs (that is the Pink, Black and Blue ones) and you will receive a image:Trophy Box.png Trophy Box.

For those of you wondering, the image:Trophy Box.png Trophy Box contains any of the following:

Now this is a pretty big event, with some nice rewards and some hefty drops! Get out there, grind for those soccer balls, and show us some sporting pride!

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