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(Shield2) Krinton
Continent: Darkon

Area: Darken.

The shop for level 52 to 58 shields.



World Quote:

  • "This is a terrible location for my shield shop! Why can't I be closer to the mayor?!"


  • "I don't understand why we have to sell our goods over here. We hardly get any customers. Bolpor and Haven have prime locations! It's just not fair!"

Who are you?:

  • "Krinton's the name, and shields are my game. I make the toughest shields in town. I am following in the footsteps of Lucky, the original proprietor of this store."


  • "Thank you, come again! But don't expect any discounts…"


Shop Inventory


Item DEF Req. Lv. Price (in Penya)
Image:HeavyShield.gif Plate Shield 198 ~ 200 52 106,000
Image:KiteShield.gif Kite Shield 222 ~ 224 58 219,000

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