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(Sage) Radyon
Continent: Flaris

Area: Fountain of Dead Person.

Jester Quest Part 2

Level Requirement : 60

After meeting up with Lorien in Darken. You are required to find Radyon at the Fountain of Dead Person.

Once you find Radyon, you will be required to bring back the Ring of Ren, which had been stolen by a monster called Ren.

Radyon was just a simple entertainer back in his day. Not very well known at all. That didn't stop him however to pursue his dreams, with very little money, and very little hope, there was one person he always looked up to. That was the legendary Jester hero, Kerenen.
For one reason or another, he always believed that the hero was his guardian, his shining star that will lead him to greatness. He never had had any encounters with the hero like the visionaries. Merely dreams, but by following the footsteps of Radion, he hopes to one day meet his hero face to face. To show his gratitude, he seeks out vagrants that are interested in becoming a Jester themselves.


World Quote:

  • "We must find new Heroes, Kimel. It's our only hope."


  • "Ancients texts speak of 8 meteors that will fall from the sky the day the world comes to an end. These ancient texts say nothing of what will become of us after this event. Will we be saved? Destroyed?"

Who are you?:

  • "The Great Wise Man, Radion, has decreed that we preserve the memory of the Heroes, and work towards defending ourselves against Shade once more. I am Sage Radyon, Radion's humble servant."


  • "Goodbye, brave one."


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