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(Rainbow Race) Officer
Continent: Darkon

Area: Darken City.

NPC in charge of Application and completion of the Rainbow Race.

This NPC is new to arrive in Madrigal. She brings with her a new competition for the young adventurer. She and her minions will test your skills. Bring your board and your brains cause they will put both through their paces. Mind boggling mini-games needing both intellect and speed, come one come all.
Retake the skies


World Quote:

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Who are you?:

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Current Applicants:0
Apply for the Rainbow race
- What you will need: Any flying vehicle
- Application Fee: 1,000,000 Penya
- Application Window: 12:01AM ~ 2:00PM (PST) on Saturday
- Race Starts: Saturdays @ 3:30PM (PST)
- Duration: 2 Hours
- How to win: Be the first person to complete all seven mini-games, return to the Rainbow Race Officer, and select "Confirm Completion of the Rainbow Race".

Please Note: Once you have applied for the race you can not cancel your application. You must be online before the race starts in order to participate. If you disconnect from the game during the race, you may be disqualified.

What is the Rainbow Race?
The Rainbow Race is a weekly event that all players cam participate in.
Applications are accepted from: 12:01AM to 2:00PM (PST) ever Saturday.

The Rainbow Race consists of 7 mini-games that take place all over Madrigal. The speed of your flying vehicle, general skill and luck are the most important elements to winning the race.

Rainbow Race Rules 1, Al players that successfully applied during the application window and are currently online will be admitted into the race.
2. there are 7 mini-games that must be completed and they are given to each player in random order.
3. After a player completes all of the mini-games they must return to Rainbow Race Officer in Darken City to confirm completion of race.
4. During the Rainbow Race, some skills and items will be unavailable to prevent abuse. Coral Island tickets and Azria Tickets will be disabled. Lord Skills are allowed.

Rainbow Race Rewards
1st place: 50% of all application fees
2nd place: 24% of all application fees
3rd place: 12% of all application fees
4th place: 6% of all application fees
5th place: 3% of all application fees
6th place: 1.5% of all application fees
7th~10th place: Less then 1.5% of all application fees

Please note: In addition to the percentage of all application fees being rewarded, top finalist will receive Rainbow Boxes as a bonus reward in their mailbox.

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