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(Public Office) Ruidan
Image:NPC(Public Office)Ruidan2.jpg
Continent: Kaillun

Area: Eillun.

Image:NPC(Public Office)Ruidan3.jpg
Continent: Emporium


World Quote:

  • "I have so many things to handle today."


  • "My blood is mixed; I'm half Muran - half Human. Don't look down on me, I am the best of both worlds!"

Who are you?:

  • "I'm Ruidan, I handle money and information."


  • "Good bye, hope to see you again."


Will open Her dialogue menu. Here you can select different things to learn about her. Also any quests Available will appear.


Will open her shop. She sells Perin and will buy all NPC items the game allows.


This selection will open the Bank window. Here you will input the bank pin you created while making your avatar.

Guild Warehouse

If you are in a guild this will open the Safe box. This option is available only on Channel one of each server.

The last options are statistics relating to Guild interaction.

Dialogue Deposit
Guild Warehouse
Guild Warehouse

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