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(Psykeeper Master) Cylor
Continent: Darkon

Area: Darken.

This is the NPC where you start your Second Job quest at level 60 to become a Psykeeper.


World Quote:

  • "I honor the spirit of Offerep, the Psykeeper Hero."


  • "Their last battle will resonate throughout eternity. The Heroes sacrificed themselves to save all of Madrigal. We are forever in their debt. Take with you the teachings of Offerep, adventurer."

Who are you?:

  • "My name is Cylor Mesmor and I am the Psykeeper Master. I guide those wishing to become Psykeepers. I have committed many sins in the past, and through the grace of Offerep, I have been forgiven."


  • "Only through careful study will you learn the wisdom of the Psykeeper."


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