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(Pepoview) Vianlee
Continent: Saint Morning

Area: Sain City.

This NPC has no specific function at this time.
Pepoview Vianlee is an actor in the Pepoview troupe.


World Quote:

  • "Our feud runs deep, Romao! You cannot have my sister!
    Parting is such sweet… Erhm, line please?
    Juliat, he doesn't want you anymore. On the bright side, you get to live!"


  • "We're rehearsing for our play, 'Romao and Juliat'. What do you think about my acting? Do you like it?"

Who are you?:

  • "Greetings, theatre patron! We are all members of the Pepoview Troupe! We are renowned throughout Madrigal for our brilliant performances. I'm sorry to cut this short, but I must get back to rehearsal. Bye!"


  • "On with the show!"


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