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(High-Dwarpet) Goripeg
Continent: Flaris

Area: Billeting Place of High-Dwarpets.

Assist Quest Part 4

Level Requirement : 15

After meeting up with Maki in Flaris. You are required to find Goripeg at the Billeting Place of High-Dwarpets.

Once you find Goripeg, he will command you to defeat the Chaner located in Madern Town.

Goripeg has often been looked down upon by humans throughout his life causing him to be rather bitter towards them. So bitter in fact that he refuses to even associate himself with them. Deeming humans inferior compared to Dwarpets like himself.
The only humans that catch his fancy are the ones who are pure of heart and willing to aid others when called upon. Those who follow the way of the Assist lineage may be the only ones who have his sympathies for they are the most caring as far as humans go.


World Quote:

  • "Tucani! Would you PLEASE stop singing that stupid song? I have a headache…"


  • "Humans look down us because we used to do their work for them. But as 'smart' as humans may be, we are far stronger. We are by no means, inferior. Understand?"

Who are you?:

  • "Yeah, not gonna happen. If you didn't already figure it out, we don't particularly like you people. So unless you have some sort of business to discuss, I suggest you leave. Now."


  • "It's about time you left…"


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