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Nightmare Flami
Nightmare Flami
Image:NPCNightmare Flami2.jpg
Continent: Flaris

Area: Central Flarine.

Exchange Flami's Guitar for the awesome Galaxy Guitar !
Please Note: There is no (Event) title next to this NPC's name in-game. Wiki can NOT have two pages with the same name, this is to distinguish this NPC from the Nightmare Flami that stands outside of Isle of Nightmares.

Nightmare Flami is looking for another guitar, he smashed up his last one, please help him find a replacement !!!


World Quote:

  • "Why did I smash my guitar?! Ugh I was too excited. Hey there! If you want to hear more music, then, get me a new guitar!"


  • ""

Who are you?:

  • "Who am I ??? I'm a ROCKSTAR BABY! Okay, I need my guitar."


  • "Music sounds better with Madrigal Heroes around to listen to it."


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