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(Dradpet Manager) Kanane
Continent: Flaris

Area: Altar of Dreadpet.

Moot Arvan Part 2

Level Requirement : 40-49

Complete (Novelist) Gergantes quest and receiving the Heart of Arvan. You are required to find Kanane near the River of Weeping. Once you find Kanane, talk to him, he will teleport you to fight the monster Mushmoot.

Kanane is one of the last of an ancient civilization known as Caoin. Day after day, he watches over the gate in which his ancestors locked away a horrific monster eons ago. Occasionally getting bored enough to allow a reckless warrior inside for either, the creatures delight or punishment.


World Quote:

  • "Only the bravest of adventurers should dare to enter. Are you prepared?"


  • "You are not yet ready to challenge the beast within this lair. You are foolish if you think I would allow you to enter. Travel to Northern Flarine and speak with the Novelist there. I cannot help you."

Who are you?:

  • ""


  • "Farewell, brave one."


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