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(Blade Wise-man) Guabrill
Continent: Flaris

Area: Fountain of Dead Person.

Blade Quest Part 2

Level Requirement : 60

After meeting up with Corel in Darken. You are required to find Guabrill at the Fountain of Dead Person.

Once you find Guabrill, you will be required to find the Earring of Heren which is located somewhere in Heret in Darkon 3.

Guabrill Elidoradin was a well known warrior back in his youth. Skilled with both swords, he often challenged his companion, Hormes to see who the strongest really is.
While looking for a new challenge, he ventured out to areas unknown to regular travelers. He traveled deep to the ends of Darkon where fire reigned as the main element, defeating every foe that came his way. That's when his eyes laid upon a city of the likes he had never seen before. Inside, a warrior wandered the halls in a rather ghostly manner. He held the same weapons as he. Always up for a challenge he immediately confronted the stranger, sword in both hands. To his surprise, the next thing he knew he was on the ground with a sharp edge to his throat. That's when the warrior vanished before his eyes.
This apparition may have been the legendary blade hero, Heren. Believing that it was, he now pays tribute to the mighty hero by teaching young vagrants the way of the blade.


World Quote:

  • "Worry not, Hormes. We will not fail."


  • "It's hard to interpret the ancient texts. They are extremely old and in poor condition. What we have discerned, is that the fight for peace is far from over, and we must prepare ourselves for what's coming."

Who are you?:

  • "My name is Guabrill Elldoradin, the Blade Wise Man. We've all come together to guide to adventurer's such as your self on the path of the Heroes. Will you stand up for Madrigal, young one?"


  • "The Heroes will never be forgotten. Stories of their sacrifice will be told for generations to come."


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