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(Assist Master) Maki
Continent: Flaris

Area: Northen Flarine.

Assist Quest Part 3

Level Requirement : 15

After meeting up with (Assist Drillmaster) Elic in Flaris. You are required to find Maki in Northern Flarine.

Once you find Maki, he will command you to speak with (High-Dwarpet) Goripeg located at the Billeting Place of High Dwarpets.

Maki has followed the way of the Assist since his youth. Always praising those who are willing to help others when in need by blessing them with the prayers of the Clown God Bubble. He has long believed that the assist are the purest of souls in all of Madrigal for they never stop trying, and in most cases for him, training and aiding keeps one's soul untainted by malice.


World Quote:

  • "So many Vagrants, so little time!"


  • "Assists are masters of healing wounds in combat, enhancing abilities, and can be fierce opponents in close quarters combat. Never underestimate an Assist."

Who are you?:

  • "My name is Maki Ah and I am the Assist Master of Flarine. I'm here to guide young Vagrants on the path to becoming an Assist."


  • "May Bubble watch over you."


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