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(Assist Drillmaster) Elic
Continent: Flaris

Area: Eastern Flarine.

Starting NPC for the Assist Job Change Quest.
Captain Elic Eward works for the Madrigal Job Training Center. He tells you that to become an Assist he had to endure many difficulties. He hopes that for you, for only though difficulties can you become a true Assist.


World Quote:

  • "Assists are way better than Mercenaries! Quiet Mustang! *chuckles* Hey you, c'mere if you want to learn about Assists!"


  • "What is that crazy Mustang babbling about now… Ah, no matter. Every party needs an Assist. Any schmuck can wack a monster in the head, but we can do that AND play a support role! Do you like popularity? Than this is the job for you!"

Who are you?:

  • "I am Captain Elic Eward of the Madrigal Job Training Center. If you want to become an Assist, I can help you."


  • "Remember, every party needs an Assist! Don't leave home without us!"


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