(6 July 2011) Hunt Quest Part 1 (lvl 61-120)

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New v15 Quest interface

Starting NPC

Patou Location
Patou Image:NPCPatou2.jpg

Hunt Quest Part 1

Quest Starting Location: Darken
Quest : Hunt Quest Part 1
NPC : Patou
Quest Requirement : Character Level 61 - 120
Objective : Kill 80 Captain Greenmongs, 80 Carrierbombs and 5 Giant Syliacas.

Giant Syliaca x5
Carrierbomb x80
Captain Greemong x80


  • EXP
  • 250,000 penya
Ancient Flowerpot of Love x5
Image:Ancient Flowerpot of Love.png

Quest Text:

"Hey, what, you know Donna? Oh wait, are you that hero she mentioned in her letters? You made it to Darkon, great! Eh, hehe, maybe i can ask you a favor? There's this cave with some big monsters not far from here. There's way too many of em and we have to kill some of em to keep the ecosystem like healthy and all."

Accepting Quest Text:

"Donna was right! You're the greatest! Please go and kill the following: 80 Captain Greenmongs, 80 Carrierbombs and 5 Giant Syliacas! That should be enough to make stew."

Denying Quest Text:

"So what? A guy can't have his stew? I mean how dare you not care about the safety of the environment. I bet you like driving SUVs, littering, and flushing the toilet 3 times instead of just once!"

During Quest Text:

"Hm no, I'm afraid you didn't kill enough. Did you get all of the 80 Captain Greenmongs, 80 Carrierbombs, and 5 Giant Syliacas? Please check if you missed some, need more entrails."

Completed Quest Text:

"Yessss, you killed them all. I can go pick up the entrails, body parts, and make stew, boil em mash em, I mean, yes the environment is all better cause of you!!"

Next Stage in Quest

  • None

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