(6 July 2011) Hunt Quest Part 1 (lvl 60M-100M)

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New v15 Quest interface

Starting NPC

Papate Location
Papate Image:NPCPapate2.jpg

Hunt Quest Part 1

Quest Starting Location: Darken
Quest : Hunt Quest Part 1
NPC : Papate
Quest Requirement : Character Level 60M - 100M
Objective : 1011100111 Please terminate 90 Captain Drillers, 90 Captain Volts, and 6 Giant Elder Guards.

Giant Elderguard x6
Captain Volts x90
Captain Dillers x90


  • EXP
  • 1,000,000 penya
Super Star Candy x5

Quest Text:

"xcuse me good sir, but tunneling robots are trying to dig under the arena to make a symbiotic machine nest! Oh noes! 0101110 011100 110010. Oh don't mind that, I have a cough! You must stop them! Execute directive 1103 - kill them, burn them, maim them, slay them! 01011 110111 011011000! Excuse me ahem. Please help or they will spread all over Madrigal."

Accepting Quest Text:

"You are a true champion and defender of humanity. 1100100 1010 Directive 1103 - Kill, burn, maim, slay, and or stop 90 Captain Drillers, 90 Captain Volts, and 6 Giant Elder Guards."

Denying Quest Text:

"Proposed candidate has refused. 10100010011010. Please sir I want some moarrr. 1010101 Error. I'm sorry good sir, please reconsider."

During Quest Text:

"1010111 1101 0110 YOU 11010010 FAIL. KEEP TERMINATING AS REQUESTED 110101010 DIRECT ORDER 101011!"

Completed Quest Text:

"Oh fantastic, the Arena is safe! Execute gratification program directive. 011101 1101111010 1101110111. Error. Thank you mister. Providing Reward. 110101"

Next Stage in Quest

  • None

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Shaduwar Valley of the Risen Kaillun Traseia Dark Traseia Bahara Desert Emporium

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