(6 July 2011) Hunt Quest Part 1 (lvl 101M+)

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Starting NPC

Carapuchix Location
Carapuchix Image:NPCCarapuchix2.jpg

Hunt Quest Part 1

Quest Starting Location: Eillun
Quest : Hunt Quest Part 1
NPC : Carapuchix
Quest Requirement : Character Level 101M+
Objective : Kill 100 Captain Shuhammas, 100 Captain Kerns, and 7 Giant Glaphans.

Giant Glaphan x7
Captain Kern x100
Captain Shuhamma x100


  • EXP
  • 2,500,000 penya
Box of Stamina x1
Image:Box of Stamina.png

Quest Text:

"Greetings young master! We've discovered that the Shuhamma robots and Kern golems are the creators of the monstruous Giant Glaphans. Will you help us stop them?"

Accepting Quest Text:

"Praise be to you young master! Please, slay 100 Captain Shuhammas, 100 Captain Kerns, and 7 Giant Glaphans to slow down their prolifiration."

Denying Quest Text:

"Your decline is my regret. May Rhisis save us all."

During Quest Text:

"I regretably cannot give you a reward for a job not done. Please, their numbers are bolstered the more you delay. Slay them all and a reward shall be yours!"

Completed Quest Text:

"Fantastic work young master! The people of Madrigal should have an easier and much safer time exploring Darkon 3 now."

Next Stage in Quest

  • None

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Continent Content Color Reference:
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Shaduwar Valley of the Risen Kaillun Traseia Dark Traseia Bahara Desert Emporium

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