(6 July 2011) Hunt Quest Part 1 (lvl 1-60)

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Starting NPC

Donna Kitsune Location
Donna Kitsune Image:NPCDonna Kitsune2.jpg

Hunt Quest Part 1

Quest Starting Location: Sain City
Quest : Hunt Quest Part 1
NPC : Donna Kitsune
Quest Requirement : Character Level 60 and below.
Objective : Kill 60 Captain Waasaacs, 70 Mr. Pumpkins, and 4 Giant Mias.

Giant Mia x4
Mr Pumpkin x70
Captain Wagsaac x60


  • EXP
  • 15,000 penya

Level Booster Pack (Level 40)
Image:Level Booster Pack (Level 40).png

Quest Text:

"Hey you, yes I mean you! Can you help me? I want to bake some cake, but the Wagsaacs, the Pumpkins and the Mias have stolen all of my honey! Um, could you please exterminate them? I mean kill every last one of them! For me? Pretty please, with a cherry on top?"

Accepting Quest Text:

"Oh snap you will?! I mean, please go out and kill 60 of the Captain Waagsacs, 70 Mr Pumpkins, and 4 Giant Mias, those are the big ones for sure! Thank you in advance!"

Denying Quest Text:

"No? Noooo?! Well, then no cake for you so nyaaaah!"

During Quest Text:

"I said exterminate!! Meaning KILL THEM ALL. I asked you to kill 60 Captain Wagsaacs, 70 Mr. Pumpkins and 4 Giant Mias! Seriously is that so hard?!"

Completed Quest Text:

"Oh you killed them all?! Really?! Um tell me, did it feel good? Bringing justice to the land so that we can enjoy cake? Oh, yeah, here's your reward!"

Next Stage in Quest

  • None

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