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The world of Madrigal is a large place to roam, consisting of four continents they each hold their all uniqueness.


How it all began.. The Prologue

Chapter 1 : The Genisis

Internette was the universe where inexhaustible energy was overflowing, and Rhisis was the God of all Gods who ruled Internette and created a new paradise where there was no agony, feud, pain, etc.

In this new world there was absolute peace.

  • Raon, the God of Fire created Magma
  • Herness, the Goddess of Water the created rivers and oceans
  • Iblis, the God of Wind created the air
  • Shade, the Goddess of Earth created the earth
  • Ishirut, the God of thunder created lightning

Finally they brought life into the new world, and all the creatures, plants animals, and human beings started to take their first steps towards the new paradise, Neurospace.

Chapter 2 - Invisible Aperture

Rhisis was very pleased for the new world was developing the way he wanted at that time. Iblis the God of Wind, one day suggested to Rhisis to give the human beings something interesting. Therefore, Iblis created a new creature which looked similar to himself and named it Iblis. The duty of the new Iblis creature was to entertain human beings. However, there was one important which Iblis didn't notice at all. It was that the new Iblis had it's own will.

Chapter 3 - War of Neo Genisis, Clawless

The new Iblis started to have doubts about the new paradise and then began to distrust the Gods. Finally, the new Iblis seperated itself into three parts.

  • Iblis of Nothing
  • Bubble of Good
  • Shade of Evil

Iblis, Bubble, and Shade created a new world which was similar to the paradise which Rhisis created, and transferred everything into their new world. Rhisis came to know of this afterwards, got angry and tried to destroy the new Iblis. But the new Iblis became aware of Rhisis' intentions and declared war against the gods. The war was so great that it rocked and struck a mortal blow to the whole universe. The paradise which Rhisis created was now destroyed and it was impossible to restore it. Also the world of Iblis, Bubble, and Shae was broken into 6 pieces. Rhisis who was defeated in the war disappared and the pieces of the broken world were named as Madrigal by Iblis, Bubble, and Shade. This is the was of the neo genesis clawless. and there has never been and never will be such a war great as this in the history of Madrigal.

Chapter 4 - The Continent of Chaos Madrigal

There was nothing left in Madrigal because of the big was Clawless. Therefore Iblis, Bubble, and Shade planted new seeds of life, but those seeds were different from the ones that Rhisis planted, so they were very unstable and there was confusion, adn the feuds began to rise in Madrigal slowly. However, people from other worlds started to come to Madrigal and made the seeds bloom. Everyone in Madrigal refers to them as Alien.

A map of the world


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