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How it all began.. The Prologue

Chapter 1 : Genesis

In the beginning, the universe, known as Lais, was overflowing with an inexhaustible energy. It was reigned by the Five Gods;

  • Raon, the God of Fire created magma
  • Herness, the Goddess of Water created the rivers and oceans
  • Iblis, the God of Wind created the air
  • Shade, the Goddess of Earth created the land
  • Ishirut, the God of thunder created lightning

These Gods gathered bits of themselves and, walking amongst the stars, created a world devoid of fear, hate, and danger. Thus was born Roika. The Five Gods brought forth the plants and animals then sat back to watch their creation grow. After some time, they looked upon their world and felt that it was somehow incomplete. Until, from amongst the trees, stepped the curiosity-driven Humans and from high in the mountains and deep underground, came the mighty Dwarpets. The Gods nodded in quiet approval sensing that their world now seemed perfect.

For generations the five creators of Roika smiled gracefully upon their work. Doting on their creations like proud parents, they watched as Mankind grew into a species of thoughtful philosophers, loving care-givers, and brilliant scholars. The Gods pushed stars across the night sky to illuminate the pearlescent cities of the Dwarpets and danced through the heavens to the thumping rhythms of their songs.

The Gods of Lais did not wish to be revered by the humans. They preferred to have a simple and harmonious relationship with them. Roika was truly then a world of peace and balance.

After some time, the Gods of Lais decided to leave for another world. In order to preserve the beauty of Roika, the Gods of Lais handed over the the secret of the planetary revolution and the core part of the revolution-genesis-gear to the kind race of the Dwarpets. At the same time, they also created Rhisis the Comedian-Clown who was able to bring harmony and happiness to the inhabitants of Roika. With that, Roika retained its luster even after the departure of the Five Gods.

Chapter 2 : Invisible Aperture

However, Rhisis the Comedian-Clown created by the Gods of Lais had difficulty in bringing happiness to all the inhabitants of Roika. To help her with the task, Rhisis the Comedian-Clown split herself into three personalities;

  • Bubble was the kindness of Rhisis, her love for the beings that created her and the love of the life that those beings had created.
  • Iblis was the apathy of Rhisis, her indifference towards Roika, and her lack of care for what would happen if she were to leave.
  • Shade was the hate of Rhisis, her shame at being left behind, her fear of being trapped with beings that could never understand her.

Chapter 3 : The War of Neo Genesis: "Clawless"

There was a time when the three personalities worked in harmony to provide happiness all throughout Roika. But one day, Shade, was consumed by the dark nature of the Shadow and started to lust for power and the control of Roika. There was one who stood in the way of Shades domination of Roika and that was Bubble. To get rid of Bubble, Shade deceived Iblis by telling lies about Bubble's intentions to control Roika. Convinced by Shade's statements, Iblis went after Bubble. Iblis created numerous fierce and magical creatures to help her chase away Bubble, but Shade was able to control the creatures and use them to complete her plan to dominate Roika. Under Shade's influence and power, these creatures turned into monsters and took away the revolution-genesis-gear from the Dwarpets. In an attempt to destroy all life on Roika, Shade used the monsters, named Masquerpets, to herd the inhabitants of Roika to the edge of the world. When they were all gathered, using almost all the power in her, she separated the edge and sent it afloat. Thus was created Madrigal.

Chapter 4 : The Continent of Chaos - Madrigal

Iblis watched, doing nothing, saying nothing. Her left eye, blue in color, sparkled like a child's, while her right eye, violet as a winter's dusk, gazed into the nothingness beyond the world. Indifferent to the betrayal of Shade.

Bubble, hearing the howls of human, struck the new island with her fist, separating it into a multitude or smaller islands in order to prevent that the Masquerpets from spreading too quickly. She passed on the Mystical Arts of using Strength, Intellect, Compassion and the Magic of Flight to man.

The remaining Humans armed themselves, ready to face the threat of the Masquerpets and to someday stand against the Goddess Shade herself...

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