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Released: 11 July 2012

Title: FlyFF Gold

V19 Change Log

  • Madrigal Market Place: The long awaited consignment shop has arrived. Find the entrance to this one stop shop for all your buying and selling needs in Central Flaris. Speak to the Market Transfer Manager Soraya to enter this magical bazaar!
    • Give the items you wish to sell to any of the Marketplace Vendors and watch as your loot goes up for sale server wide! Conversely you can also check out what other players are selling in the consignment shop! This isn’t to say private shops are obsolete, just that you can now find precious loot in one streamlined place!
    • Note that by default you may sell up to 3 items in the Marketplace. You may however, purchase a Cash Shop item called the Merchant's Permit to sell up to 50 items for 7 days.

  • Item Transmutation System: You can now alter the appearance of any wearable item (weapons, armor, cloaks, fashion) with the Makeup Artist! You’ll need your main item and a secondary item of the same type (same sex, type of weapon/armor – 1h vs 2h). Talk to the Makeup Artist, select Item Transmutation, slot your items in, and voila – your primary item will now cosmetically appear as your secondary item but will retain all previous stats and awakenings! Note that your secondary item will be destroyed in the process. You may also return your primary item to it’s original appearance with a cash shop item called the Revert Transmutation Scroll.
  • 2H Weapon Combination System: Take a two handed weapon (axe, sword, stick, staff) , combine it with another weapon, and make a super powered one as a result! That’s right, visit the Weapon Manager Ron in Eastern Flarine to get your 2H weapon boosted beyond recognition!
    • You’ll need a primary weapon to receive all of the awakenings and piercings, and a secondary sacrificial weapon of the same kind (2h Sword can only be combined with another 2h sword, Stick with another stick, staff with another staff ect.) that is of equal or lower level than the primary one. The results are as follows:
    • All awakenings will be combined. Up to 6 awakenings are possible on a single weapon now.
    • Slotted cards in piercings will be combined but only the available piercings from the primary weapon will carry over. Eg. Weapon A has 8 piercings with 6 Fire Card As. Weapon B has 10 piercings with 4 Fire Card As. The end result will be Weapon A having 8 piercings with 6 Fire Card As and an Extra 4 Fire Card As. That is, only the stats provided by the Cards in Weapon B will be carried over, not the actual slots.
    • The weapon will retain all of the weapon upgrades and element upgrades of the primary weapon.
    • Make sense? Good. Note that you will obviously lose your sacrificial weapon forever.
    • Also note that the process is not guaranteed and you may lose both weapons in the process. However, you may protect both your primary weapon and your sacrificial weapon with a cash shop item called the Rune of Weapon Protection (2H Weapons).
  • Weapon Rebalances: That’s right Flyffers! The weapons you know and love have been completely retooled and rebalanced. Log in now to find out how your favorite weapons have evolved!
  • New Interface: You’ll never see Flyff the same way again! Gone with the old horrid peachy interface, and in with new sleek awesomely richly gold toolbars and UI!!! Wryyyy!
  • Eldin's Jar: A new restorative mystical Jar has been introduced with Flyff Gold! Find one of these precious things or buy one from the cash shop, unwrap it with Eldin’s Magical Scissors, fill it up with any of the existing various restoratives and use it to restore your HP!
  • New Flaris: Your home town has undergone a major facelift Flyffers! Log in now to check out the new landscape and architecture of your beloved Flarine!
  • Hot Keys:
    • "T" = Is now the hot key for Eldin's Jar.
    • "Home" = Is now the hot key for taking an in-game Screen Shot.
  • F Keys: previously had 8 slots that could be changed using number keys to switch between them. Has been replaced with 4 main bars that are activated by numbers, alt+number, F-Keys and a click bar.
  • Action Slot: increased to 6 spaces for skills, cool down - 12 secs

Wiki Note: Additionally, some of the NPC'S face pics have been changed.

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