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The following is a summary of changes made in the update to Version 11.

  • The continent of Azria was added, including related items and monsters.
  • Collecting was added, including related items and NPCs.
  • Awakening equipment was added.
  • The ability to upgrade Jewelry (Rings, Earrings, and Necklaces) by using Moonstones on them was added.
  • Strentes, Intirets, Dexions, Mighteers, and Penzerus were converted to equivalent jewelry under the new accessory upgrade system. Clockworks No longer drops Any of the aforementioned items, only pre-upgraded normal accessories equivalent to the same stat bonuses.
  • Level requirement for all rings, earrings, and necklaces changed to level 1.
  • Cards can now be removed from |pierced suits by (Upgrade Specialist) BoBoChan for 1,000,000 penya. The most recently inserted card will be the one removed each time.
  • The PvP Arena was added, with related NPCs.
  • Minimum guild level required to participate in Guild Siege changed to 20.
  • Maximum Guild Siege participants changed to 10.
  • Starting time to enter the Guild Siege arena changed to 19:30 PST, with preparation times also changed accordingly.
  • Guild Siege prizes changed to Red Chips only.
  • 1vs1 Guild Siege added, with related NPCs.
  • Level 120 armor sets added, available only from the Red Chip merchant in Flarine.
  • Pets can now be revived by exchanging living pets for pet revival pieces of the corresponding class, and then exchanging the pieces for pet revival scrolls.
  • Chat: Guild chat changed to a blue color, and the chat bar extended.
  • Option added to extend the camera view even farther.
  • Messenger window completely changed to show more information and the ability to sort your contacts. Party tab removed from the messenger.
  • Guild Bank log added, Leaders and Kingpins can view transaction history.
  • Private Shops will remember their inventory when closed and reopened.
  • Transaction history logging added to private shops.
  • Parties now gain 15 party points at each level up.
  • Public Office NPCs sell a new currency called Perin. It can be purchased for 100,000,000 penya, and double-clicked to be reconverted to 100,000,000 penya again at any time.
  • You can now attack a monster and view another monster's information without auto attacking disabling.
  • All the pieces of armor in a set now have the same level requirement.
  • When a Party Member is away that character's level will still show in Party Window B.
  • When a guild is destroyed, the message will only show to the Guild Members.
  • Animation for walking backwards was added.
  • Four additional shortcut bars added for 8 total (Pressing keys 1 ~ 8 toggles between them).
  • Equipment durability was removed.
  • All the pieces of the level 83 armor sets are made available in Darken. Previously only the helmet of that level set was available from the NPC.
  • Unique weapons can drop from giants of the appropriate level.
  • Backpack added - Pressing B will access the backpack. 6 item slots are available initially, with more added by purchasing the Extra Bag Cash Shop item.
  • Scroll of Reduction added to the Cash Shop, reduces the required level for armor and weapons.
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