Venerable Fortune Box - Raffle Box B

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image:Venerable Fortune Box - Raffle Box B.png
Cost: 400 gPotatoes
Count: 1, 1
Info: This special chance box contains Raffle Box B x1 and Mithril Fortune Token x1.

This Fortune Box also has the chance to give you extra items at no extra cost and even features a new, never before released cloak as part of the chances! This special cloak is the Venerablel Cloak of the Wyrm that provides +13% Critical Chance, +17% Speed, and +13% Additional Damage on Critical Hit

The following items have a random chance to appear in your inventory upon purchase of this Fortune Box:

In addition you will get the following item:

Note that the Venerable Cloak of the Wyrm is worth 50 Mithril Fortune Tokens. Contact to redeem!

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