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Beginner Quest

Starting NPC

(Shield) Boboko Location
(Shield) Boboko Image:NPCBoboko2.jpg

Introduction to Armor

Quest Starting Location: Equipment Merchants
Quest : Introduction to Armor
NPC : (Shield) Boboko
Quest Requirement : level 1~129. Having completed Welcome to Flyff quest
Objective : Talk to (Weapons) Boboku

(Weapons) Boboku
Select Dialog

Reward: 600 penya, 35.71% exp at level 1, access to next stage in quest.

Quest Text:

"Good to see you again! Glad to see some new faces in Madrigal, what with all the Masquerpets around. Let's see what we can do to get you ready to face them. This is the Armor Shop. Here, you can buy the armor crafted by my family once you meet the requirements for it. There are 4 armor slots in your inventory - Helmet, Suit, Gauntlet, and Boots. You'll find that different jobs and levels have access to different kinds of armor. 'Course, you probably already knew that. Now, go talk with my brother Boboku next door at his Weapon Shop."

Accepting Quest Text:

"I know it's loud over here, but didn't you see me pointin'? Boboku's Weapon Shop is right next door!"

Denying Quest Text:

"You sure? Well if you change your mind, nobody knows weapons like my brother Boboku."

During Quest Text:


Completed Quest Text:

"Well hello there! Good of you to stop by. Here, take this, and the next time I see ya we'll get you up to speed on weapons."

Introduction to Weapons

Quest Starting Location: Equipment Merchants
Quest : Introduction to Weapons
NPC : (Weapons) Boboku
Quest Requirement : Having completed previous stage
Objective : Talk to (Shield2) Luda

(Shield2) Luda
Select Dialog

Reward: 1000 penya, 32.72% exp at level 2, access to next stage in quest.

Quest Text:

"Just like armor, weapons differ by the job. You don't have the experence to wield anything in my shop yet, but look around Madrigal, I'm sure you'll find something. As a Vagrant, you can use a sword in one hand and a shield in the other. Equip them by double-clicking them or dragging them into the appropriate slot in your inventory. Now you're ready to look at shields. Go see Luda next door at the Shield Shop and he'll take care of you."

Accepting Quest Text:

"Luda's Shield Shop is just next door. Have fun, kid! Stop by anytime you need a good weapon!"

Denying Quest Text:

"Look, I know it's not as exciting as axes and swords, but you'll need one just the same. Plus he's got plenty of other stuff for sale, so pay him a visit."

During Quest Text:


Completed Quest Text:

"Haha, nice to meet ya, name's Luda! I'm in charge of shields and other equipment for Vagrants here in Madrigal. Let's get you set up to fight, shall we?"

Visit Luda at the Shield Shop

Quest Starting Location: Equipment Merchants
Quest : Visit Luda at the Shield Shop
NPC : (Shield2) Luda
Quest Requirement : Having completed previous stage
Objective : Buy a Long Sword from Luda's shop then go meet (Food) Losha
Simply select and drag item to your inventory. Then confirm purchase.

Long Sword
Image:Long Sword.png

Select Trade
(Food) Losha
Select Dialog

Reward: 1200 penya, 30.00% exp at level green shield, access to next stage in quest. Green Shield

Green Shield

Quest Text:

"Hahaha! Welcome to the Shield Shop! You can buy shields, weapons, and armor for Vagrants here. I stock all the equipment that you need prior to your first job change at level 15. Why don't you buy a Long Sword with the Penya you've collected? You can buy it by dragging it into your inventory. Also, you can sell an item by dragging it into the shop window. Pretty easy, huh? Okay, after buying it, please visit Losha at the Food Shop."

Accepting Quest Text:

"Losha at the Food Shop is staying in Eastern Flarine which is located to the east of here. You'll have to cross the bridge to get there."

Denying Quest Text:

"What, you think it's too far? The Food Shop is very important for your journey, you should definitely check it out."

During Quest Text:

"You should buy a Long Sword from Luda at the Shield Shop."

Completed Quest Text:

"You are new to Madrigal, right? Hi! I have heard a lot about you already! Here, take this. It's a gift from Luda. Talk to me again for you next task!"

Next Stage in Quest

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