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|card name=Vacuum
|card name=Vacuum
|stat increase=7% FP
|stat increase=7% FP
|monsters=[[Dread Drakul the Diabolic]]

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Piece form: image:VacuumPiece.png
Card Name: Vacuum
Required Level: Level 1
Info: 7% FP
When placed in a pierced suit.
NPC Price Card: 2,500 Penya
NPC Price Piece: 250 Penya
Stack Size:

Cards= 99
Pieces= 9999

Where Can I Get One:

This Item is sometimes found while collecting in one of the three collecting fields of Madrigal.

Monster Drop:

This Item is sometimes dropped by the following Masquerpets:
Dread Drakul the Diabolic

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