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About Star: The Person Hi everyone! Xstarlitdreamsx here, but you all can call me Star or Starlit! I am a VERY new Wiki editor with much to learn yet I hope my teacher Lurockia can handle my questions and need for assistance when the time arises! I became an Editor fairly recently (I'd have to guess about... January 28th 2008)even though it was supposed to happen like a month prior. Anyways time for a little bit about me. I am 23 years old, born January 2nd, 1983. I currently reside in Las Vegas, Nevada with my family because life is too expensive on your own! I do not have any children so don't even ask! Dealing with my nephew is enough! I absolutely love anime as well! Drawing, watching, collecting... anything anime I love it! Care to know a little more about me personally? Here is a link to my Myspace

About Star: The Gamer

I love gaming! Not only do I play online games, but I play console games as well! As far as online gaming goes I have ventured into the the world of MMOs after playing on a different site. A friend of mine there mentioned Flyff. I thought "Hey, why not give it a shot!" Shortly after I joined February 9th 2007 and fell in love! Not knowing what job class I wanted to be at first I ran around the game (not really knowing what I was doing) when I suddenly died and was resurrected by an assist! I told my bf at the time then "That's what I want to do! I want to help people like that person did!" So at that moment I had decided to make my first character an Assist. Almost a year later I now have, not only a level 81 Billposter on Glaphan, but 5 other characters on there as well. You can find my characters on my gaming Myspace

I also have at least 1 character on each cluster in case I'm needed for anything on any of them... the problem is... almost all of them are Vagrants.

I love helping players on Flyff... it seems to be my passion. I am known on Glaphan for my kindness whether it be to new players needing help getting items or buffing them while they're training or helping some of the higher players with Cash Shop items. I really do love helping people and I think that is why I was approached to become a Mod.


Player Cluster Class Lvl Status Guild
StarlitDesire Glaphan INT AoE Billposter 115 Master Active Twilight Heros
StarlitDream Glaphan 1v1 Blade 75 Active None
MagiStarlit Glaphan Magician 67 Active None
StarlitRM Glaphan Ringmaster 96 Active CoZ
StarsDepository Glaphan Vagrant 15 Inactive IMadeThisJustToStoreSTuff
Toune Glaphan Bow Jester 76 Active ItensForPriceOfBanana
StarlitTheKnight Glaphan AoE Knight 90 Active None
Ris3nDevil Glaphan Ranger 62 Active None
Wirhelmina Glaphan Yo-Yo Jester 61 Active Templar
BeyondEternity Glaphan Assist 46 Active VenusVanguard
Starlit Glaphan Vagrant 15 Inactive RedFuzzyMittens
Nabcake Glaphan Hybrid Psykeeper 78 Active NKOTB
Neer Glaphan Vagrant 15 Inactive None
Melos Glaphan Magician 25 Inactive None
Kelleh Glaphan Assist 30 Inactive None
Contridiction Glaphan Assist 20 Inactive None
StarlitsStylist Glaphan Vagrant 1 Inactive None
KellehBunneh Glaphan Full STA Assist 51 Active None
kellehbunneh Glaphan Vagrant 1 Inactive None
Irreplaceable Glaphan Acrobat 33 Active None
Toune Kern Vagrant 4 Inactive None
Kisuragi Kern Vagrant 4 Inactive None
StarlitDesire Kern Vagrant 1 Inactive None
Starlit Kern Assist 18 Inactive None
†BlackCat† Kern Acrobat 15 Inactive None
Starlit Clockworks Vagrant 14 Inactive None
Witchblade Clockworks Vagrant 2 Inactive None
StarlitDream Mushpoie Vagrant 13 Inactive None
StarlitDesire Mia Vagrant 9 Inactive None
MinionOfSabroso Mia Vagrant 7 Inactive None
StarlitDesire Aibatt Vagrant 10 Inactive None
Starlit Aibatt Vagrant 1 Inactive None
StarlitDesire Lawolf Vagrant 6 Inactive None
ChronicBudz Lawolf Billposter 69 Inactive None
Chrondo420 Lawolf Magician 33 Inactive None
TheChronic Lawolf Acrobat 41 Inactive Indica
Starlit Demian Vagrant 5 Inactive None
Kitsuragi Demian Acrobat 15 Inactive None
kellehbunneh Demian Assist 15 Inactive None

Wiki Peoples

Known FlyFF-Wiki Editors:

Active Editors

Piccolo Status: Active Lead Editor
NyKo Status: Active Editor
WikiGuest Status: Active Editor
Serabell Status: Active Editor


Lurockia : Welcome to the team. =D

Star : Thank you very much I look forward to working with everyone!

Saim gatecrashes page heya peoples, welcome star I guess we joined the team at the same time xD

Star : It would seem so ^__^ even though I was supposed to start way sooner

Cesca I need your MSN Addy ASAP for our first Wiki Meeting that I will be scheduling soon!!, add me whenever.

jasen222 Hi, I saw you were updating cs clothes. It has been asked for, for some time now. I added you to the editors corner and made you a to do list. Hope this is ok. Have a nice day. (n_n)

jasenm222 Hi, we our trying to setup a meeting. Saturday, march 6th, 9ish AM eastern us time (gmt-5) on msn. If either me or cesca do not have your msn please pm one of us on forum so we can add you to conversation. The meeting will be to discus what is to become of the wiki. Do we need new editors? What still needs to be done? So on ans so forth. If you have questions or concerns jot them down so we can discus then. Once the existing editors are all on the same page we will then approach the GM's.Jasenm222 08:18, 1 March 2010 (PST)

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