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Hi all, these are projects I'm working on.

image:random test.png

Future Project - Establish a general way of nameing / uploading format for images (I really want to do this but it is on hold for the moment as we don't have the "what links here" function for images... will need it if I want to change an image's name as all pages with that image on it will need to be changed. /SIGH)

These are running edits that I'll try to keep up with!

  • Running edits
    • I'll try to keep the lords list updated.
    • Events List
    • Patch notes
    • whats in the cs page this week.
    • Template:GameMasters
    • Hunt and Collecting Quests

New Stuff

Drop Data Project - On Hiatus

  • Drop Data

Anything on the drop list in the forums with (???) next to it will NOT be added. Once I've went through the entire list, I'll then start adding the stuff on pages that have yet to be put on the list.

Will assume that the [I AM A Potty Mouth] entries on the drop list is the lvl 60 two-handed sword named Bastard Sword.

Testing 1


Testing 2



Thanks Christer for updating the mobs drop list!!

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