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Garden of Rhisis

level monster

Masquerpets found in the area of Garden of Rhisis
Low Normal Captain Boss
Small Flbyrigen Flbyrigen Captain Flbyrigen Giant Flbyrigen
Small Scorpicon Scorpicon Captain Scorpicon Giant Scorpicon
Small Tombstone Bearer Tombstone Bearer Captain Tombstone Bearer Giant Tombstone Bearer
Phantom Basque Basque Lumping Basque Giant Basque
Small Mage Prankster Prankster Master Mage Prankster Giant Mage Prankster
Rough Wheelem Wheelem Bouncing Wheelem Giant Wheelem

All creature levels are represented by Normal size Monster. Meaning all Scorpicons may be present in Scorpicon area.

Image:Garden of Rhisis_Mob.jpg
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