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Darkon 1

level monster

Masquerpets found in the area of Darkon 1
Low Normal Captain Boss
Hunter X
Red Bang Troupe Member Red Bang Troupe Leader Lord Bang
Lord Bang Hanoyan
Small Rockepeller Rockepeller Captain Rockepeller Giant Rockepeller
Small Trangfoma Trangfoma Captain Trangfoma Giant Trangfoma
Small Leyena Leyena Captain Leyena Giant Leyena
Small Steam Walker Steam Walker Captain Steam Walker Giant Steam Walker
Small Steel Knight Steel Knight Captain Steel Knight Giant Steel Knight
Small Nutty Wheel Nutty Wheel Captain Nutty Wheel Giant Nutty Wheel
Small Driller Driller Captain Driller Giant Driller
Small Volt Volt Captain Volt Giant Volt
Small Elderguard Elderguard Captain Elderguard Giant Elderguard
Small Garbagepider Garbagepider Captain Garbagepider Giant Garbagepider
Small Crane Machinery Crane Machinery Captain Crane Machinery Giant Crane Machinery

All creature levels are represented by Normal size Monster. Meaning all Trangfomas may be present in Trangfoma area.

Image:Darkon 1_Mob.jpg

Dekane Mine

level monster

Masquerpets found in the area of Dekane Mine
Low Normal Captain Boss
Keakoon Worker Keakoon Worker Leader
Mutant Keakoon Worker Mutant Keakoon Worker Leader
Elite Keakoon Worker Elite Keakoon Worker Leader
Keakoon Guard Keakoon Guard Leader
Mutant Keakoon Guard Mutant Keakoon Guard Leader
Elite Keakoon Guard Elite Keakoon Guard Leader
Pink Roach Larva Pink Roach Pink Roach Queen
Blue Roach Larva Blue Roach Blue Roach Queen
Green Trillipy Hazardous Green Trillipy
Violet Trillipy Hazardous Violet Trillipy
Blood Trillipy Hazardous Blood Trillipy
Image:Dekane Mine Dungeon_Mob.jpg

The Wilds & The Savage Wilds

level monster

This is an Instance Dungeon.
Masquerpets found in the area of The Wilds & The Savage Wilds
lvl 60+ Master lvl 60+
Prismatic Cobra Mythic Prismatic Cobra
Twinstrike Cobra Mythic Twinstrike Cobra
Tanuki Enforcer Elite Tanuki Enforcer
Tanuki Protector Elite Tanuki Protector
Wildwood Stalker Mythic Wildwood Stalker
Wildwood Shaman Shadowy Wildwood Shaman
Beast King Khan Beast Overlord Khan
Water Totem pole Water Totem pole
Wind Totem pole Wind Totem pole
Earth Totem pole Earth Totem pole
Fire Totem pole Fire Totem pole
Image:The Wilds&The Savage Wilds_Mob.jpg
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