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This article has a To Do list located here.



Hi ^_^ and welcome to my drab page. I'm so glad you could visit!



I r editor. Yaah! ^_^

After 2+ long years of playing, I'm finally helping the community. I'm estatic atm1 that I can be apart of something like this. I'm hoping
I can do my part to contribute but I don't even know where to start ^_^; Then again, I am new so what the heck, right?[END_]

[March_25_2008_] -Today the unoffical flyff vent is opened! Yaah ^_^. So far today not too much is happening. I really need to start
choosing where I travel in flyff though. I keep getting mistaken as a GM or Mod(from wearing a Grey Tux set and cat ears) and I'd
rather not get in trouble for something as trival as that.
-I can't even get anywhere leveling >.< I get a portion of my kills stolen. It almost makes you want to quit. But I digress and just answer
inquires of other player and chat it up with everyone. Guess I won't be leveling today >.>

Well I buckled down and finally leveled, as well as leveled a fellow assist, so "yaay!" to me being 68! Only 2 more
levels till my next AoE2 Skills :D But it came at a price >.> A duration of the plvl3 came with a game of 20
questions. Asking me how my build worked, what my equipment is, what kind of food I use, how much money I have.
All the boy needed was my social security number and he'd be just like me by the end of it ^_^; But we found commen
ground. I finish answering his question and he'll give me peace during the rest of the plvling. Needless to say, he leved 3
times and I finally leveled alone with him. Unfortuantly, the Greemongs are not merciful to the newly leveled >.> The crit so much. [END_]

As poor as I was on teh CW server I managed to sell ALL of my stuffs Yay! I is! Not that any of this is

important. In other new, I met some pretty interesting people on the New Unoffical Flyff Vent. Great chats about
poke'mon believe it or not xD Lame sounding right? Well it wasn't at all; it was histarical. You guys got to
get on vent and have yourselves a time while playing flyff. It makes everyone so much better while grinding ^_^. At least it
does for me while I AoE [END_]

Darn, the server was down the entire time I was working. So much for selling my items. Oh well. I at least
leveled to 79 ^_^ I is soo happy. One more lvl away and I'm set. I have 10k+ hp and in a great guild yay me ^_^
This guild will hopefully be the first to participate and win in the first held GS for the Clockworks server.
Heers for the future win. I just hope to get to 80 this weekend. I'm rank 50 at 79. I was in for a while and
hadn't lvled in 3 weeks :D lol Hopefully the server will open back up soon. I wish to level. If not I'll
have to sleep. Viva la AoE Bp! [END_]

Level 95 and proud! Took roughly 8 months but thats only due to the lazy-ness :3 Still STR_AoE And loving it.
If course I really need to find myself some kind of asal booster but I'll worry about that around when v12 comes
out. Can't wait either :D Just been working of fixing up the armors for today. Found that to be my new project.
Gonna take forever but really gives me something good to do ^_^. Hopefully helps out the future viewers, you know?
Gonna end this one early. See you in game [END_]


Well looks like I can't stay away from flyff forever. I've been playing and got the chacters of a 116 BP on CW
and a 95 YJ on CW as well. But my life on that server has become perpetual complaints from individuals
and bordum. Then one day while chilling in my room, I here an instant message from my old "Boss" of the
wiki askin me if I'd like to help out again. Could I turn down a request from someone so cute :D Answer:?
Heck no lol. Well here I am, finding out I still have access to the wiki and awaiting any orders from the J man
himself to see if there's anything I can do for the guy.
So while I wait, I'll just be surfing the wiki occasionally to edit any grammer mishaps here and there.
Glad to have a purpose again! ^_^ See you in game [END_]

...Golly, twenty-ten... [END_]

1= "at the moment"
2= "Area of Effect"
3= "Power Level"

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Cesca: ಠ_ಠ
Roe: You really like that face :3

jasenm222 Hi, since we are still more or less leader less. I decide to post the link to the forum I made a while ago. We need a place to meet. Go to the help page log in and the address is in a tag at the top of the page when you enter the edit tab. Help:Contents

jasenm222 I added a to do list template to everyone's page. Then added links to them in Editors Corner in Community. This way we can see what is being done by the other editors.

jasenm222 Hi, we our trying to setup a meeting. Saturday, march 6th, 9ish AM eastern us time (gmt-5) on msn. If either me or cesca do not have your msn please pm one of us on forum so we can add you to conversation. The meeting will be to discus what is to become of the wiki. Do we need new editors? What still needs to be done? So on and so forth. If you have questions or concerns jot them down so we can discuss then. Once the existing editors are all on the same page we will then approach the GM's.Jasenm222 08:03, 1 March 2010 (PST)

Roe Hopefully if nothing is in the way, I'll be able to join the meeting. Im still in contact with Cesca so she'll more than likely be my link in.Roentel 02:05, 3 march 2010 (EST)

Enhanced Party Skill Range 15 That page is up for deletion. It has a new home here Enhanced Party Skill Range. Items having only time as a difference in there titles are regrouped on the same page. ie Full Shout where as batteries are on different pages because they differ in time and title Gold, Silver etc we could group these also , just havent looked into it. :) Jasenm222 11:25, 9 March 2010 (PST)

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