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Wiki-mod: Del / Delta_

  • Todays random page: Blade Builds - Moved these to character pages.. Full of emptyness :3

About me

Greetings, I'm 21 years old guy currently from Finland. Working here as wiki-mod, and doing my best to get all the information here up-to-date. I just simply love online gaming, and have been semi-hooked on it for past 10 years, ah the good old times with dial-up modems <3. I'm currently on break from FlyFF itself, but it won't stop me from getting this site up and running. I'm currently looking for work IRL, so I have lot of spare time and fixing the pages here every now and then.

My full nickname is "Delta_", but you can just call me with the shorter "Del". Delta name I have been using for over 10 years now, it was originally just new version of my old nick "Valde", just altered letters, removed "V" and added "T" and voilá, Delta was born :P But years later, I realized how common nick "Delta" is, so I added the "_" as marking "changer" in end of name, for example: "Deltax" or "Deltae" etc.. Suits the name quite well, since mathematically "Delta" means changer ;)

Things I like

  • Anime <3 <3 <3
  • Gaming overall
  • Good food, don't get me wrong.. I'm NOT chubby, far from that.
  • Being Lazy at my home
  • Fixing things o_o
  • Playing around with builds in MMORPG's
  • good PvP <3
  • good PvE <3
  • Music, pretty much every kind of music..
  • Talking ._.

Things I hate

  • Myself xP
  • Me being lazy at my home
  • My fridge, since there's like never good food. Must be the fridges fault :/
  • Having fight with someone you love :/
  • Waiting Pizza to get ready... Most annoying 15 minutes of my life.
  • Spamming T_T
  • I suck at coming up subjects to talk about..
  • .. the fact that I can't stop talking once I start it.
  • Thinking about more things I hate..

Del and FlyFF

Well, I started this game around July 2006, since my that time Girlfriend suggested it for me.. As I was that time playing another MMORPG, but she couldn't play it for various reasons.. So naturally I joined Aibatt-cluster where she was playing. Couple months later she quit FlyFF but, I kept playing it bit longer.. Gave up at lvl 65 blade, because of the outrageous price back then. Came back about 8 months later and leveled rather quickly a level 90+ Ringmaster and a level 79+ Yoyo Jester. Sometime ago I started a character named DelGoesBeta in v10 beta, and became First Hero Blade in whole Europe/America (second Hero in Beta).. Don't know about Korean etc FlyFF's. And I made a picture topic about my leveling, which made me quite famous in FlyFF community. I also met my wonderful Girlfriend in the very same Beta <3. Soon after Beta was over, I started focusing on my real life more and my other hobbies like Anime and have been playing FlyFF lot less. Currently leveling in v11 Beta (Resurrected DelGoesBeta from level 1, and now lvl 86+ Bow Jester), but kinda annoyed from never getting in so I'm just focusing playing other games atm.

FlyFF characters:

  • DelRM - 90+ Ringmaster (My curren Main)
  • Deltax - 79+ Jester (My PvP character)
  • Deletor - 65+ Blade (My first Main]
  • Deltae - 62+ Knight
  • DrageDog - 40+ Magician (Contribute character for one famous PvPer in another MMORPG :P - Has PvP status [Warlock])
  • + Many other lower lvls

  • DelGoesBeta - HERO Blade (Deleted!)
  • DelGoesBeta - 90+ Jester

Del and Games

Well, I could say I'm kinda hardcore "nerd".. But it's kinda natural for me, since I have been together with computers and console games ever since I was 5-7 years old so, been growing with them whole my life. One of the most impressive gaming qualities for me is, the fact how easily I can level in 90% of the games I play.. I would say that I'm "pro" in leveling, but that's mainly because once I start doing something.. I often give my everything for it. Too bad that I only do it for things that I find interesting, and the things I enjoy.. But that's my way of living life to the fullest.

Del and Anime

Anime, my third favorite thing in world besides my Girlfriend and gaming. I have been, semi-otaku for about 5-6 years already now and totally hooked on Anime since I first found out of it's existence. Even tho, first Anime serie I got to know about was.. a Hentai-serie. I have seen hundrets of different Anime series, but my all time favorite will always be "Serial Experiments Lain".. But Anime isn't only thing I like in that genre, I also love reading manga and my bookshelf has now over 300 Manga books ._. So welcome to read sometimes. :3


Even tho I'm currently on break from FlyFF itself, I'm doing my best on finding the informations needed and keeping the information on this page correct and updated. :)

My current projects:

  • None at the moment (still on a Break from FlyFF), but might be coming back in close future...

Known FlyFF-Wiki Editors:

Active Editors

Piccolo Status: Active Lead Editor
NyKo Status: Active Editor
WikiGuest Status: Active Editor
Serabell Status: Active Editor

Chatter Box <3

Viz: Awesome, new person. :D Welcome to the Wiki! Or welcome back, I can never tell. x_x

Del: Yup yup, a new person indeed.. Looking forward to working with you guys ^^

Viz: Hey, maybe we can all get together and make a separate forum or use an instant-messaging tool to communicate. I'm getting a little tired of editing other people's userpages. xD What're your thoughts on that?

Lurockia: That'd work pretty well. o:

Del: Hope you guys like the new looks on this page.. Mostlikely will be editing it bit more in future but, atleast it's better than the old version.. Yay, now you know more about me ^^

Cesca I need your MSN Addy ASAP for our first Wiki Meeting that I will be scheduling soon!!, add me whenever.

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