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Safe Costume Upgrading

Costume Upgrading Tools

Image:Lightning-Stone.gif Lightning Stone: Used for general upgrading from +1 to +10.

Image:Sprotect1.gif Scroll of CProtect: Used to protect your item from breaking if an upgrade fails.


  • Talk to the upgrade specialist available in every town. On the drop-down menu, click on the option "Safe Upgrade (Costume)".
  • To proceed you will need a Lightning Stone, and after +3 you will need to use a Scroll of Costume Protection if you want to upgrade further without destroying your fashion (similar to Scroll of Sprotect).



Upgrade Level Defence Slots
3 +30 Defence 0 Slots
4 +40 Defence 0 Slots
5 +50 Defence 0 Slots
6 +60 Defence 0 Slots
7 +70 Defence 1 Slot
8 +80 Defence 2 Slots
9 +90 Defence 3 Slots
10 +100 Defence 4 Slots

Costume Gem Upgrading

Costume Gem Upgrading Tools

After a certain level of upgrade (+7-10), you will unlock gem slots which will let you add more special bonuses to your costume.


  • Once your costume piece has been upgraded to +7~10 and has available slots you can add the below jewels to add stats.
  • To add a gem to your costume, talk to the jewel manager and select "Costume Gem Upgrade".
  • Gems can drop in the new Mars Mine Dungeon, and the Scroll of Gem Reversion will be available in the cash shop.

Image:Costume Gem Upgrade.png


  • Here are the 4 different gems available, one for every costume part. Every gem gives different random stats. And the more gems with the same stats you accumulate, the stronger the bonus gets.
  • If you are not happy about the stats you got, you can use the Scroll of Gem Reversion to remove it and free the slot. This scroll is ideal to customize your costume stats the way you want them to be.

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