Ultimate Gladiator's Silver Bow

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|weapon icon=Ultimate Gladiator's Silver Bow.png
|weapon icon=Ultimate Gladiator's Silver Bow.png
|atk= 372 ~ 374
|atk=279 ~ 308
|atk speed=Fast
|atk speed=Fast
|bonus=Critical +15% <br />
|bonus=Critical +15% <br />

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This weapon is an Ultimate Gladiator's Silver Weapon.

Image:Ultimate Gladiator's Silver Bow.png
Two-handed weapon
Attack: 279 ~ 308
Attack speed: Fast
Added bonus:
Critical +15%
Attack +11%
Increased Critical Damage +42%
Max. HP +500
Hit Rate +10%
Required Job: Ranger
Required Level: 90
NPC Price: N/A

Not available to purchase from NPCs using penya.

Drops from the following Flyff Masquerpets:

  • Does NOT drop from any Masquerpet / Monsters.

An experienced gladiator's weapon. Forged for those who seek glory in the Colosseum. This Ultimate weapon can currently be obtained from converting the corresponding fully upgraded Gladiator's Bronze weapon. ONLY

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