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US servers have been merged and renamed. On June 8 2011 the merge was done in a 20 hrs maintenance. The PK server Demian was not merged, it was simply renamed. There was also a new server added. The forum was polled to acquire their new names. The following names were adopted.

Note:The channels should be adjusted over the next few weeks

Pre Merge Lawolf Aibatt Mushpoie Mia Clockworks Glaphan Kern Demian
New Names Mocomochi Tanuki Lykan Kargo Yetti (PK server)
Channels 2 4 4 4 2

On February 26 2019 another merge was done during the maintenance maintenance. The servers Yetti and Kargo been merged in Lykan. Lykan has now 2 normal channels and 1 PK channel. In a later process all US servers should be merged into one server, the same for the EU, FR and DE servers.

Pre Merge Mocomochi Tanuki Lykan Kargo Yetti (PK server)
Current Names Mocomochi Tanuki Lykan
Channels 2 3 3
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