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<big>'''[[Items|Back to Items]]'''</big>
<big>'''[[Items|Back to Items]]'''</big>

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Image:Blinkwing.gif Town Blinkwing Image:Blinkwing.gif Blinkwing of Flaris Image:Blinkwing.gif Blinkwing of Mars
Image:Blinkwing.gif Blinkwing of Saint Morning Image:Blinkwing.gif Blinkwing of Darkon Image:Blinkwing.gif Blinkwing of Dekane
Image:Blinkwing.gif Blinkwing of Volcane Image:Blinkwing.gif Blinkwing of Darkon 3 Image:Blinkwing.gif Blinkwing of Shaduwar

NPC Flying Items

Image:Magicbroom.gif Magic Broom Image:Kestrelbroom.gif Kestrel Broom Image:Flickerbroom.gif Flicker Broom
Image:Projanbroom.gif Projan Broom Image:Hoverboard.gif Hover Board
Image:Aeroboard.gif Aero Board Image:Wilduckboard.gif Wilduck Board Image:Igniceboard.gif Ignice Board


Image:Flying_Special_Tiger.png Tiger Board Image:Flying_Special_File.png File Planet Board Image:Flying_Special_Hera.png Hera HoverBike
Image:Flying_Special_Sylia.png Sylia Hoverbike Image:Flying_Special_Carpet.png Magic Carpet Image:Flying Special Cloud.png Golden Cloud
Image:FlyingCloud.gif Riding Cloud (Sky Blue) Image:FlyingCloudPink.gif Riding Cloud (Light pink) Image:FlyingCloudYellow.gif Riding Cloud (Orange)
image:FlyingCloudBloody.gif Riding Cloud (Blood Red) Image:Flying_Special_Stick.png Dragon Stick Image:Flying_Special_Sleigh.png Santa's Sleigh
Image:Flying_Special_Sword.png Sworder Board Image:Flying_Special_Snow.png Snow Board Image:Flying_Special_Horse.png Wooden Horse
image:ClockBikeWhite.gif Clock Bike (White) image:ClockBikeOrange.png Clock Bike (Orange) image:ClockBikePurple.png Clock Bike (Purple)
image:HeraHoverBikeBlack.png Hera Hover Bike (Black) image:MeteoBikegreen.png Meteo Bike (Green) image:MeteoBikeyellow.png Meteo Bike (Yellow)
image:Meteo Bike (Red).png Meteo Bike (Red) image:Feather Wings White.png Elegant White Wings image:Feather Wings Black.png Elegant Black Wings
image:Angel Wings.png Angelic Wings image:Prophet Wings.png Wings of the Divine Prophet image:Limousine Bike.png Limousine Bike
image:Translucent Dragonfly Wings.png Translucent Dragonfly Wings image:Alabaster Butterfly Wings.png Alabaster Butterfly Wings image:Crimson Butterfly Wings.png Crimson Butterfly Wings
image:Indigo Butterfly Wings.png Indigo Butterfly Wings Image:Flying_Special_Tiger.png Tiger Board Image:Flying_Special_File.png File Planet Board

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