Touch of Rhisis

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image:Force Master_Touch of Rhisis2.gif
Force Master's Touch of Rhisis Skill Animation

image:Force Master_Touch of Rhisis.png
Description: Increase the Critical Chance of Magic Attacks of your party and yourself for 5 minute.
Class: Force Master
Item needed: Skill Shields
Player lvl: 130
Max Skill lvl: 5
Pre-Skill 1: None lvl:
Pre-Skill 2: lvl:
Attack Type: All Party Buff
Region of Effect: AOE Around User
Attack Range: Ranged
Skill Element: N/A
Combo Style: image:Normalskill.gif
May be placed in Action Slot: Needs Testing
Casting Time: None
Damage Over Time (DOT):None
Stat 1 affecting Skill: Int
Stat 2 affecting Skill:

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This skill has a maximum level of 5 and requires 4 Skill Points per level of skill.

Attack value present in skill table is simply a variable used in the calculation of damage.
In "General" the timer is for status change effect

Skill lvl Effect 1 % Prob MFP Used Min : Sec CoolDown
1 Critical Chance +25% 100% 300 MFP 5:00 None
2 Critical Chance +30% 100% 350 MFP 5:00 None
3 Critical Chance +35% 100% 400 MFP 5:00 None
4 Critical Chance +40% 100% 450 MFP 5:00 None
5 Critical Chance +45% 100% 500 MFP 5:00 None

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Force Master skills have an aura. Here is the animation of all of these skills combined.
image:Force Master skills combined.gif
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